Tineke Malus, ND

Tineke Malus, ND
Diamond Springs Wellness Center
210 E Main St
Midway, Utah, 84049
United States
Phone: 4356571777
Fax: 4356570098
E-mail: drmalus@diamondspringswellness.com

I focus on curing chronic disease caused by chronic toxicity from environmental, food, air, water and substances of abuse. I use a multi-modal and individualized approach.

Fatigue, depression, persistent weight gain, memory and concentration problems are all addressed through detoxification, proper nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle modification.

I also have experience and expertise in hormone balancing and treating peri-menopause issues.

Naturopathic Medicine is patient-centered rather than physician-driven. Therefore, patients play an important, active role in their own wellness, rather than relying on a magic pill from a doctor. My practice involves listening more than speaking.

Tineke Malus offers the following therapies: Biofeedback, Botanical Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Counseling, Craniosacral Therapy, Environmental Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, Internal Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, Natural Supplementation, Neurofeedback, Ozone Therapy, Pain Management, Prescription Medications, Prolotherapy

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