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Dr. Keri Brown, ND

Dr. Keri Brown, ND - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Keri Brown, ND – Speaker, Health Consultant, Wellness Educator
Wide Awake Wellness
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (970) 889-3541

Dr. Keri Brown offers telemedicine, local and long distance (phone) consultations and onsite visits.

Motivating, approachable, ally, seasoned and passionate is what you will find with Dr. Keri Brown, ND. (Voted Best of Top 10 Naturopathic Doctors in Colorado in 2016!) Dr. Brown offers supportive and comprehensive naturopathic consultations for individuals seeking optimal wellness and life style balance on site or via telemedicine. She helps you take the right action for your body by providing the best in traditional healing wisdom and functional medicine through health risk assessments, nutritional deficiencies patterns and customized wellness plans.

From the simplest ideas to complex solutions for disease management to nutritional risk assessments, she combines 23 years of practice to promote specific improvements for lasting results. Addressing fatigue, stress, high cholesterol, blood sugar, women’s health, thyroid to adrenals, gut absorption, constipation, trauma care to recovery there’s support.

Specializing in helping you Reshape Your Life in a 10-Day Blood Sugar Balancing Program and Transform your Health in a 21-Dat Detoxification Program

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