Marnie Luck

Marnie Luck - Naturopathic Doctor

Marnie Luck, Naturopathic Doctor – Dr.
Dr. Marnie Luck, ND
572 Bloor St West
Toronto, ON M6G1K1
Phone: 416 527 3036

Marnie is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a special interest in digestive concerns, women’s health (menstrual concerns, fertility, and perinatal care), weight management and skin concerns. She is also passionate about helping her patients feel their best in all areas of their life through lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep) that lay the foundation for resilient health.

She begins every new patient relationship by conducting a comprehensive health assessment. This assessment is the foundation that will ultimately drive the patient’s treatment plan. Through conversation and a physical examination, she works with her patients to thoroughly comprehend their medical history as well as gain a clear, detailed understanding of their chief concerns. A large portion of this assessment is educational and her ultimate goal is to help patients feel informed and empowered about the ways that they can improve their health and wellbeing. Patients are welcome, though not obligated, to come in with any recent blood work along with any reports from other practitioners who oversee their health.

For Marnie, the path to becoming a naturopathic doctor has helped her answer the persistent question of finding balance while at the same time being a part of this world in a meaningful way. Marnie’s experiences in work, study, travel and community involvement have created a curiosity to learn about and better understand people. Exploring people’s stressors, passions, choices, desires and barriers has influenced the way she approaches patient care. Marnie strives to meet patients where they are, given their unique circumstances, in order to collaboratively find solutions that sustain healthy change.

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