Karen Hack, ND

Karen Hack - Naturopathic Doctor

Karen Hack, ND
Head To Toe Health Centre
71 Oxford St
Toronto, Ontario, M5T1P2
Phone: 416-203-6500
Fax: 416-203-2825
E-mail: karen@headtotoehealth.ca

I’ve always been passionate about understanding what differentiates health from disease and what allows certain individuals to live happier, healthier lives. Contemplation of the issues surrounding physical, emotional, and spiritual health first brought me to McMaster University where I completed an honours degree in Biology and Philosophy. The principles which underlie naturopathic medicine then drew my attention, namely a commitment to identify the cause of an illness, to treat the individual as a whole as opposed to their symptoms, and to maintain ongoing health through patient education. My commitment to these principles led me to complete a four-year naturopathic degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2001. Infused with the vision of a professional yet approachable integrated health centre, I went on to launch the Head to Toe Health Centre in Kensington Market following my graduation.

Through years of practice, it became clear to me that the wish to be well is an important part of becoming well, yet there exist conflicts, fears, anxieties, and psychological defenses within each of us which inhibit this process. Intent upon gaining further understanding, I completed an advanced-training programme in psychoanalytic psychodynamic psychotherapy with the Toronto Psychoanalytic Society. Many hours of study and supervision allowed me to gain insight into the emotional processes which contribute to disease and how to modify and release them through awareness and understanding. Not only does my knowledge of psychotherapy inform my naturopathic work, I also practice long and short-term psychotherapy at the Head to Toe Health Centre.

I believe wholeheartedly in the principles of both naturopathic medicine and psychoanalytic psychotherapy and have seen some remarkable results through their practice. I believe in creating an environment where patients feel comfortable talking about their problems and supported in making changes to bring about greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We will work together to understand the nature of the symptoms or conditions you are experiencing and to make the changes necessary for you to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.

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