Julia Fountain, BSc, ND

Julia Fountain, BSc, ND
Healthspan Wellness
71 Mountainview Rd N
Georgetown, Ontario, L7G4J6
Phone: 905-873-8729
Fax: 905-873-1424
E-mail: jfountain@healthspan.ca

Welcome to HealthSpan! Explore your options for better health. With 15 years of clinical experience in the United States and Canada, Julia Fountain has been working with individuals and families to help them uncover stumbling blocks to feeling their best, and treating them naturally. Her special interest is lifestyle medicine, which involves creating wellness programs that help people take charge of their health, and better understand their bodies. She utilizes advanced screening and assessment tools including food intolerance testing, hormone testing, detailed nutritional bloodwork, as well as standard laboratory tests. Her treatment plans often incorporate a range of therapeutics from east to west, including dietary therapy, targeted nutritional supplementation, acupuncture and herbal medicines.

Julia Fountain offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Chiropractic, Clinical Nutrition, Environmental Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, Natural Supplementation

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