Jane Lauermeier, ND

Jane Lauermeier - Naturopathic Doctor

Jane Lauermeier, ND
12 Secord Dr
St. Catharines, Ontario, L2N1K8
Phone: 905-935-6460

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One comment on “Jane Lauermeier
  1. Amanda says:

    Hello Jane- I don’t know a lot about your medical/ holistic background but I saw on a few websites all the great reviews/ ratings you received.
    I don’t know if you can help me but I thought id ask…
    My name is Amanda im 27 and 2 months ago I received a MMR and DTAP vaccine throughout july -sept….since October I have been feeling completely fatigued, depressed, body feels heavy , brain fog-/ sever lack of focus/ concentration/ Before all of this I would work an 8 hour day, come home – and run around …just a ball of energy . I now find myself having to force myself out of bed, all I can manage to do are some chores around the house, I walk my dog for a few hours a day as well- so I guess physically im not as bad as I was in October because I was bed ridden for 2 weeks.
    Im really scared about this brain fog- I feel like im not myself anymore, like there has been damage done. I don’t know if the shots aggravated a symptom that was already there , or if they are the cause. I went to my doctor to receive blood work , he sais im healthy and looks at me like im insane.
    Its gotten so bad that im actually suicidal because of it….. I feel like I cant do anything…ive been out of work since sept because of it.
    If you’ve had any experience in treating vaccine damage Jae please elaborate on your treatments/ experiences ….Ive been told by many to seek a cease therapist?
    Thank for any advice or help you can offer

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