Elie Klein, ND

Elie Klein - Naturopathic Doctor

Elie Klein, ND
Klein Naturopathic Care
588 Sheppard Ave West
Toronto, Ontario, M2K 3C8
Phone: 416-222-1300
E-mail: elie.klein@asknd.ca

For over a decade, Dr. Elie Klein, B.Sc.,ND, health educator and author of Read This if You Have a Heart, had made natural cardiology, metabolic syndrome and conditions of inflammation his primary area of focus.
His passion to help and educate led him to create his successful Dr. Klein’s Healthy Heart Program, a highly effective, educational program designed to educate and guide people to lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar naturally!

Elie Klein obtained his undergraduate degree in Human Biology at The University of Concordia and completed his graduate studies in Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2003. He is board- licensed.

Elie Klein offers the following therapies: Clinical Nutrition, Natural Supplementation

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One comment on “Elie Klein
  1. Peggy says:

    Dear Elijah,

    Can we meet & talk,Face to Face?
    Maybe at Tim Hortons?
    Please let me know a good time, to meet, that fits your schedule, Elijah.

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