Anne-Marie Lacroix, ND

Dr. Anne-Marie Lacroix, ND
Toronto, Ontario,

Anne-Marie Lacroix offers the following therapies: Therapeutic Prescribing

My interest in getting to the root cause of disease and a holistic approach to solving health problems led me to pursue a career as a Naturopathic Doctor after graduating from my Master of Science. It was during this earlier stage of my education that I had the opportunity to carry out research in a laboratory that studies the human microbiome – all the microorganisms that live on and in us that influence and affect everything from our moods to a host of other conditions such as obesity and diabetes to inflammatory bowel disease.

My research background including work during my master’s degree and summer projects at the MaRS Center and SickKids Hospital in Toronto on a variety of health issues greatly influences my practice today by helping me develop evidence-based naturopathic treatment plans that are individualized. I believe in an integrative model of care and that the blend of traditional medicine and modern science can be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of disease and the optimization of health.

I welcome all conditions both chronic and acute. My particular interests include gut health, skin care, cardiovascular disease, pain management and mental health.

Languages Spoken: English, French

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