Andrea Maxim, ND

Andrea Maxim - Naturopathic Doctor

Andrea Maxim, ND
Edgar Family Chiropractic Clinic
399 Pearl Street
Burlington, Ontario, L7R2M8
Phone: 289.337.1202

Dr. Andrea Maxim graduated from McMaster University, completing an Honours Degree in Biology and Pharmacology. After another four years of rigorous training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Andrea completed her degree as a licensed Naturopath in Ontario and is proud to be serving the Haldimand and Burlington communities.

Dr. Maxim has created The Maxim Movement ? a movement helping people move towards MAXIMizing their Digestion, MAXIMizing their Hormones, MAXIMizing their Weight Loss and of course MAXIMizing Their Health. Following the foundational needs of the body, Dr. Maxim offers a step-wise program of removing triggers (food sensitivities, heavy metals, stress, environmental toxins), detoxifying the body and then flooding the body with nutrients to get it functioning and healing properly. As an adjunct, treatment plans include acupuncture, homeopathy and mental/emotional counseling to further bring balance to the body.

Andrea Maxim offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Counseling, Homeopathic Medicine, Hormonal Therapy, Natural Supplementation, Oriental Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine

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