Anna Kate Cascio, ND

Anna Kate Cascio, ND
Anna Kate Cascio
89 Medical Park Drive Suite A
Brevard, North Carolina, 28712
United States
Phone: 828-318-7558
Fax: 828-884-6665

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One comment on “Anna Kate Cascio
  1. jimmy white says:

    Hi Dr. Casio,
    This is Jimmy White, Susannah’s husband. Maybe you don’t want to communicate with me and that is okay. I just want to make sure that Susannah get’s the proper help. I know the physical aspect and the weight loss, but there is some mental instability also. Has anyone addressed this or is everyone skirting the issue. I have never seen such fear develop in a person. And it happened overnight. So much fear. Before our issue and we were living separately I was receiving calls several times a week at 2,3 or 4 in the morning with Susannah totally freaking out. I would have done anything but the only thing I could do was listen and speak softly. Sometimes for an hour or longer but she was always able to calm down. She knows she has some phycological issues but I haven’t heard of anybody addressing this. I hope I am not intruding in any way I am just very concerned for Susannah’s well being.
    With respect,
    Jimmy White

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