Jere Proctor-Nicholson, AP

Dr. Jere Proctor-Nicholson, AP
114 6Th Ave
Indialantic, Florida, 32903
Phone: (321) 272-8050

Orthopedic Acupuncture. My treatment plans are based on the understanding that all healing is done by our own bodies and that therapy can be used to stimulate and promote this healing. I treat all types of joint or muscular pain using a style of acupuncture, described as orthopedic acupuncture, using techniques and treatment methods which are different than standard acupuncture.

I am fortunate that the study and practice of natural health is a personal passion/hobby and also my profession. For over 43 years, since I first loved my Human Nutrition course in collage, I have been studying human health. This interest led me to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and graduate to with a degree in 1996. Now, having practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over 24 years, I have learned many different styles of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, as well as of variety of natural medicine, and functional medical treatments.

There are many tools in the treatment tool box, for treating each patient with unique problems that may require different treatment strategies.

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