Mark Cooper, ND

Mark Cooper, ND
Alpine Naturopathic Clinic
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80904
United States
Phone: 719-471-8411
Fax: 719-471-8412

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2 comments on “Mark Cooper
  1. Kate Tackett, ND says:

    Hi Mark,

    My name is Kate Tackett, I’m an ND in the Broomfield/Boulder area. Tara Skye Goldin referred me your way to ask about B12 shots, she said you would be knowledgeable.

    I am wondering where I can resource B12 for injections, do you have a company you can refer me to? I am also curious about B complex assuming we are also allowed to administer those and where I can resource B complex? Do you also have a good source for supplies such as syringes, etc. where I can order from?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. I hope you are doing well in this new year!

    Kate Tackett, ND

    • Tequetta Bravo says:

      Kate, I just read you post to Dr. Cooper regarding B12 shots. Hmm, it seems a lot to find a company for B12 shots, and finding resources for injections. I am curious, have you heard of LIMU?

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