Zoe Wells, ND

Dr. Zoe Wells, ND
2 James Way Ste 107B
Pismo Beach, California, 93449
Phone: (805) 295-6718
Fax: (805) 556-4883

Dr. Wells is a licensed naturopathic doctor, trained as primary care family practice physician. Naturopathic doctors practice a form of integrative medicine that addresses the health of the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. Dr. Wells will spend time with you to collect a thorough medical history and get to know your specific needs and concerns. We are committed to high quality healthcare and this begins with getting to know the people we are working with.

You make choices each and every day on how to care for your body. Dr. Wells will help you understand how the body works and give you techniques for returning the body to health and maintaining it. We will also help you understand health and disease and will review lab work with you and explain what it means. Our goal is to help you in your process of healing. In working together we will always be working towards healing and what that uniquely means to you.

Dr. Zoe Wells is a naturopathic doctor with a thriving family practice in San Luis Obispo County, California since 1997. She works with women, men, adolescents and seniors to determine the cause of one’s health complaint or disease and treat it effectively with natural medicine. As well as diagnosing imbalances in physiology, she also looks at lifestyle factors and the individual’s health habits to develop treatment plans that return the individual to health.

Dr. Zoe Wells Zawalick is a licensed naturopathic doctor in CA and received her medical degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine and her BA in psychology with high honors from the University of California. She has lectured extensively on health issues including menopause, depression, sleep disorders, cancer and osteoporosis as well as teaching herbal medicine and nutrition classes. In 2004 Dr.

Wells was nominated as a San Luis Obispo Woman of Distinction. In 2020 Dr. Zoe received the Best Of Award in San Luis Obispo County. Dr. Wells enjoys spending time with her family, exploring nature and staying healthy – a lifelong pursuit.

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