Shahrzad DehmobadNasrabadi, ND

Dr. Shahrzad DehmobadNasrabadi, ND
1 Hoag Dr
Newport Beach, California, 92663
Phone: (949) 500-2984

Holistic health consultation considers to heal not only physical body but also emotional, mental and Spiritual body. I believe ill health starts from spiritual body, next mental body, then emotional body and finally physical body shows illness. My approach is holistic health. My passion is healing my client in a natural way. Although the clients needs to have enough patience to feel the holistic health results, it is worthy since it will have less side effects and huge rewarding results.

Actually, rejuvenation and living happier longer life are ultimate goal of holistic health practice. It is all about your choice what path to choose. Holistic health approach is the first and best choice to maintain and promote your health.

My name is Shahrzad Nasrabadi( Shari). I got my bachelor degree of public health in 1999.

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