Sandro D’Amico, ND

Dr. Sandro D’Amico, ND
1449 Lincoln Way
Auburn, California, 95603
Phone: (530) 823-1335

Dr. D’Amico specializes in the treatment of emotional and psychological imbalances using a supportive and holistic approach. A natural approach to mental and emotional health is often very effective because it treats the whole person and addresses many factors often not considered in conventional treatment, such as stress, nutritional imbalances, adverse life experiences, genetic variability and imbalances in hormones, the immune system and other body systems.

Not surprisingly, this approach generally leads to improvement in physical health as well. Some of the conditions he commonly treats include: depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, psychological and emotional trauma, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, sleep disorders, behavioral disorders in children, autism spectrum and Tourette syndrome.

Dr. D’Amico has had a lifelong love of science and nature which led him to the study of naturopathic medicine. He holds a BA in psychology with an emphasis in psychophysiology from the Union Institute in Sacramento and a degree in naturopathic medicine (ND) from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. After graduation Dr. D’Amico completed a residency in naturopathic family medicine with Southwest College.

While Dr. D’Amico practices truly holistic medicine, recognizing the impact on all facets of life on health, his particular area of interest is in using natural medicine to assist patients with mental health challenges. He has completed post graduate training with the Walsh Research Institute, The Canadian Foundation For Trauma Research and Education and Integrative Medicine For Mental Health.

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