Jasmine Hall, ND

Jasmine Hall - Naturopathic Doctor

Jasmine Hall, ND
Mountain Health Team
#5 213 Main Street N
Airdrie, Alberta, T4B 0R6
Phone: 403-945-8265
Fax: 403-945-8268
E-mail: drjasminehall@gmail.com

Dr. Jasmine Hall is passionate about using Orthomolecular Medicine to optimize your health!

In 2007, while completing her Bachelor of Science at the University of Calgary, Jasmine Hall began her search for effective, safe healthcare therapies. After her BSc, Jasmine was accepted into the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, ON. Jasmine Hall, ND currently maintains private practices in both Airdrie and Calgary, AB.

Dr. Hall has a special interest in Orthomolecular Medicine- the use of naturally occurring molecules such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. In addition to oral supplementation, Dr. Hall also specializes in intramuscular vitamin injections and parenteral intravenous vitamin therapy. Dr. Hall is passionate about diagnosing and correcting biochemical imbalances in her patients to resolve symptoms and ameliorate disease.

Jasmine Hall offers the following therapies: Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Counseling, Environmental Medicine, Infusion Therapy, Internal Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, Natural Supplementation, Orthomolecular Medicine, Pain Management

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